Electric Industry Overview

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Program Description
Understanding the dynamic and rapidly evolving electricity business begins with a solid foundation in electric industry basics. Electric Industry Overview gives learners a basic understanding of electricity consumers and their needs; the components of the physical electric system and how it’s designed to deliver safe and reliable power to consumers; how and why the electric industry is regulated; areas of the electric industry that are competitive and how this affects markets and services offered in them; and how electric markets function. This course is intended for those new to the electric industry or anyone seeking a broader understanding of the electric business. Note that this is the US version of this learning path.
Learning Objectives
  • Classify the various types of electric customers and identify their needs and service alternatives
  • Apply knowledge of the components of the physical electric system to explain how a specific system is designed to deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective power
  • Identify how an electric system is operated and determine how operational practices impact market participants
  • Analyze regulation of individual companies to understand their business opportunities and risks, and how these can be managed through regulatory processes
  • Apply knowledge of market structures to determine the level of competition associated with an industry sector in a specific region and comprehend how the level of competition affects business opportunities and risks
Topics Discussed
Electric Industry
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