Electric System Operations

Authored by Enerdynamics
About this Course

This course provides an overview of the primary functions involved in the operation of an electrical grid. The course includes details on how system operators work with load forecasts, available supply options, requirements for ancillary services, and the capacity of the transmission network to ensure safe and reliable electric supply to end-use customers. This course is also included in the Electric Industry Overview learning path.

Learning objectives:

  • List the four key physical characteristics of electric system and relate how these impact system operations;
  • Identify the role of system operators and list their responsibilities;
  • Identify key system operators in your region of the world;
  • List the key steps operators must take to reliably run the system;
  • Apply knowledge of system operations to determine how a system operator maintains system reliability given a specific situation;
  • Relate how the system operations function is provided in a both a vertically integrated market as well as in a competitive wholesale market.
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