Not-for-Profit Accounting and Financial Reporting Track

Authored by Karen Craig
Program Description

The 12 courses included in this track will provide a comprehensive foundation in GAAP reporting standards that apply to each of the major transaction cycles of a not-for-profit entity (NFP). Ideal for someone new to NFPs, or in need of a refresher, this set provides an overview of accounting for contributions, endowments, split-interest agreements, fair value measurement, programmatic investments, functional classification of expenses, classification of net assets, and financial statement presentation.

Learning Objectives
  • Apply the not-for-profit industry-specific guidance in the FASB ASC
  • Identify the proper accounting treatment for typical transactions of not-for-profit entities
  • Recognize the financial statement presentation and disclosure requirements that apply to not-for-profit entities
Topics Discussed

Who will it benefit?
CPA and non-CPA staff at small to mid-sized firms who perform not-for-profit financial reporting engagements, including partners and managers at these firms who wish to enter the NFP industry and need a basic understanding of the sector. Board members and financial or non-financial staff members at not-for-profit organizations who are new to NFPs or who wish to expand on their understanding of the fundamental financial management issues that are unique to NFPs. A basic understanding of accounting is recommended.
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