Gas Market Dynamics

Authored by Enerdynamics
Program Description
Recent technology developments in natural gas production have profoundly changed North American gas market dynamics. Gas Market Dynamics begins with an overview of today’s monopoly and competitive markets found in North America. It also examines the forces that drive supply and demand in gas markets and how they impact prices; the types of gas markets found in North America as well as the specific services that are traded in these markets; and the strategies used by four common market participants to manage risk and maximize earnings. This learning path is intended for those with a basic understanding of the natural gas business who need more detailed information on how natural gas markets function.
Learning Objectives
  • Define what a gas market is
  • Recall the structure of the North American gas market;Identify the roles of the various gas market participants
  • Analyze factors of supply and demand to determine how gas prices fluctuate
  • Define the various service offered in gas markets
  • Differentiate between the various types of gas markets
  • Determine how transactions occur for various market services
  • Analyze business strategies used by market participants
  • Evaluate potential business opportunities in various markets
Topics Discussed
Gas Industry
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