Gas Industry Overview

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Program Description
A solid understanding of how the natural gas business works is imperative to a successful career in the industry. Gas Industry Overview breaks down the complex natural gas business and looks at natural gas customers and their needs; components of the physical system and how it is designed and operated to safely deliver gas to end users; how and why the gas industry is regulated; areas of the industry that are deregulated and how this affects gas markets and pricing; and how gas markets function and the wholesale and retail services offered in those markets. This learning path is intended for those new to the industry as well as those with more experience who seek a better understanding of how the natural gas industry actually works. Note that this is the US version of this learning path.
Learning Objectives
  • Classify the various types of gas customers and identify their needs and service alternatives
  • Apply knowledge of the components of the physical gas system to explain how a specific system is designed to deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective power
  • Analyze regulation of individual companies to understand their business opportunities and risks, and how these can be managed through regulatory processes
  • Apply knowledge of market structures to determine the level of competition associated with an industry sector in a specific region and comprehend how the level of competition affects business opportunities and risks
  • Identify how a gas system is operated and determine how operational practices impact market participants
Topics Discussed
Gas Industry
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