QuickBooks Desktop for Job Costing

Authored by Laura Madeira
About this Course
Topics covered include: Quick review of the many lists in QuickBooks, and how to best use them for job costing details; Considerations when setting up customers and jobs, discussion of industry specific needs; Creating an estimate for a job to track costs vs. budget amounts; Properly recording material, labor and other costs for jobs; Handling inventory of materials, when true inventory management is not needed; Reporting on job profitability, including reports unique to QuickBooks Enterprise. Upon completing this course, you should be able to: Recognize how to maximize the use of all of the list in QuickBooks that can help segment reporting on job profitability; Describe important considerations when setting up Customers or Jobs in QuickBooks; Identify the importance of an estimate in QuickBooks for job profitability reporting; Identify and review methods for recording direct and indirect job costs; Recognize multiple methods for invoicing the customer; Describe and utilize the variety of job costing reports, including reports that are only available with QuickBooks Enterprise; Identify the best list to use for job costing; Differentiate the amount of detail (number of different levels) to use when tracking costs by customer; Identify QuickBooks requiring an estimate to be created; Recognize what it means when 'no item' appears on a Job Profitability report; Describe errors to avoid when invoicing; Differentiate reports offer the most information for management to make judgement calls that would increase job profitability; Recognize when items in the Item List should be marked as two-sided; Identify when the Customer: Job Type List should be used; Describe the usual issue if the job cost report is equal to the sales price; Recognize where the 'use time; data' checkbox must be marked in, when invoicing a job based on employee time; Differentiate when allocating indirect costs to jobs through payroll is possible; Identify what is included in Cost of Goods Sold; Describe problems with the profit and loss by jobs report; Recognize how the Item List is used; Recognize how purchase order management for lump sums is driven by.
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Computer Software & Applications
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Basic knowledge of QuickBooks.
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