Ethics Checklist for Tax Practitioners

Authored by Annette Nellen
About this Course
Topics covered include: Ethics review: Terminology, Purpose, and Challenges to ethical behavior and practices; Accountant Ethics; Serving the Public Interest; Purpose of Codes of Conduct and Penalty Regimes; How Compliance is Ensured; Challenges Facing Tax Practitioners; 7part tax practice ethics checklist; Overview and selected items from each part; Circular 230; Due Diligence. Upon completing this course, you should be able to: Recognize key rules of conduct relevant to tax practice and how to be compliant; Identify rules of conduct and tax penalties to be aware of; Recognize wow, when, and where to incorporate them into the foundation and day to day operation of your tax practice; Describe how the rules can be made into a practice tool to help ensure understanding and compliance of the rules; Identify challenges facing Tax Practitioners; Identify and apply the 7-part tax ethics checklist; Recognize how Circular 230 relates to the standards; Describe the Discreditable act; Describe what the Compliance with the Code of Professional Conduct, as with all standards in an open society, depends primarily upon; Identify examples of challenges facing tax practitioners; Differentiate Statements on Standards for Tax Services.
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Regulatory Ethics
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