An Accountant's Guide to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Authored by Stephen Yoss
About this Course
Topics covered include: What is blockchain & cryptocurrency?; Where is it used and how does it work?; A brief history of these technologies; Risks and rewards of these technologies; Interesting applications of today and coming up in the future; How to get started today. Upon completing this course, you should be able to: Describe blockchain and identify an example of blockchain technology currently in use; Recognize examples of how blockchain uses encryption to make the resulting ledger tamper-resistant; Identify at least four possible uses for blockchain-based ledgers; Define cryptocurrency and list the major cryptocurrencies in use today; Identify examples of benefits and risks associated with using cryptocurrencies; Identify digital ledger of transactions; Identify risks and advantages to utilizing blockchain tehcnology; Differentiate cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and how they are used; Identify the steps to getting started with cryptocurrency; Identify the process of settling transactions in most blockchain applications; Recognize real-world concerns with respect to cryptocurrency; Describe the central technology principal that makes blockchain and cryptocurrencies operate.
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