Fundamentals of Integrated Reporting Certificate

Authored by Samantha Griffiths BSc (Hons), MBA, FCCA
About this Course
Accredited by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), this online self-study certificate program will ensure you understand the benefits of Integrated Reporting for your organization, develop your knowledge of the IIRC's International Framework and prepare you to successfully implement Integrated Reporting.
Learning Objectives
  • Identify the business case for the introduction of Integrated Reporting, including integrated thinking, to an organization. Recall the fundamental concepts of value creation, the capitals, and the value creation process. Identify the requirements of the International Framework. Identify the factors which contribute to successful implementation of Integrated Reporting, including integrated thinking, within an organization.
Key Topics
Integrated reporting — the vision for better corporate reporting Integrated thinking — creating value over time Preparing the integrated report — communicating value creation Implementing integrated reporting — from financial management to value management.
Who will it benefit?
Businesses planning to adopt integrated reporting that want to know where to start. Businesses and individuals who want to find out more about the benefits of integrated reporting and how to start the process. Individuals who want to advocate the adoption of integrated reporting within their organization.
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QAS Self-Study
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