Money Laundering

Authored by Robert Minniti
About this Course
Topics covered include: Examples of actual money laundering cases; The Elements of Fraud; 3 Steps of Money Laundering; SARS and CTRs; IRS Form 8300; CMIRs; Money Laundering Vulnerabilities; Money Laundering Schemes; Crypto Currencies; Cash Based Businesses; Gems, Metals & Collectables; Prepaid Credit & Debit Cards; Real Estate- Cash Purchases; Consulting Services; Shell Companies; Foreign Money Transmitters; Fictitious Loans; Structured Deposits/Payments; Hawala; RoundTripping; Money Laundering in the News & Laws; BSA/AML Internal Controls. Upon completing this course, you should be able to: Differentiate ways to launder money; Recognize how to design internal controls to prevent and detect money laundering; Identify the steps in the money laundering process; Differentiate IRS forms used to report cash payments; Recognize which states legalized digital currencies and passed associated regulations; Differentiate Congressional acts and how they apply; Identify which AML programs must be in writing and include; Describe when money laundering was originated; Differentiate types of illegal activities; Describe money laundering types; Identify examples of internal controls.
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