IRS Audits and Appeals: Real World Strategies for Representing Your Clients

Authored by Greg White
About this Course
Topics covered include: Establishing rapport with the auditor; IRS audit statistics, appeals statistics, and other statistics; Preparing for the audit; Preparing for an appeal; Questions to ask the auditor. Upon completing this course, you should be able to: Identify how to reduce anxiety about the audit process; Recognize the questions you should ask the IRS about the audit; Identify and apply IRS audit statistics to pick the proper time to settle an audit; Describe the best method to get a copy of the IRS auditor's work papers; Recognize the most effective method to present your case; Differentiate AGI levles; Identify the steps in the audit process after a taxpayer meets with an auditor; Differentiate types of taxpayers and their audit rates; Recognize examples of a best practice with respect to presenting your argument; Identify situations where taxpayers are precluded from appealing an IRS decision; Identify the most frequent cause of dismissal; Describe the Fast Track Settlement appeal process; Recognize how to prepare for your meeting with an auditor; Identify what would suggest that a new issue has been raised by the IRS when a taxpayer is involved in an appeals process; Describe how many other people should attend when preparing for the appeals process; Recognize how long the appeals process takes based on the national average.
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Basic understanding of federal income taxation.
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