Internal Controls for Smaller Not-For-Profit and Governmental Entities

Authored by Robert Minniti
About this Course
Topics covered include: Compensating and mitigating controls; Cost effective internal controls for organizations with limited budgets; Work around issues with segregation of duties. Upon completing this course, you should be able to: Recognize how to work around issues with segregation of duties; Identify and apply cost effective internal controls; Identify components of the COSO Framework for internal control; Describe the types of internal controls designed to alert management of frauds after they have occurred; Recognize assertion for account balances; Identify the year COSO published the internal control framework for small and medium sized entities; Recognize when management must make financial statement assertions; Describe controls that include safeguarding entities assets as part of controls; Identify special risks applicable to not-for-profits; Differentiate control environment components; Recognize risk according to AU-C 315, Circumstances that Create Risk; Identify reasons for having internal controls; Describe the document used for internal controls; Recognize compliance risk for an organization; Recognize risks specific to smaller not-for-profit and government entities.
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An understanding of the COSO Framework on Internal Controls.
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