Fixed Asset, Accounting Methods, & 263(A) Compliance

Authored by John Hanning
About this Course
Topics covered include: Fixed Asset; Accounting Methods; 263(A); Tax Reform Updates; Tangible Property Repair Regulations; Unit of Property rules; The De Minimis Safe Harbor; The Routine Maintenance Safe Harbor; Relief for Small Businesses; Disposition rules; Definitions of Betterments, Adaptations, and Restorations with examples; Rules for materials and supplies. Upon completing this course, you should be able to: Recognize changes and new requirements presented by the final repair and disposition regulations; Identify opportunities for missed deductions and other tax planning ideas; Gain an in-depth knowledge of Unit of Property rules; Differentiate common changes in accounting methods and optional elections; Describe the De Minimis Safe Harbor and the $5,000/$500 thresholds; Recognize Routine Maintenance Safe Harbor; Identify relief for small businesses; Describe disposition rules; Identify bonus depreciation rates; Recognize ineligible years for bonus depreciation; Identify maximum Section 179 expense amounts and phaseouts; Differentiate qualified property eligible for bonus depreciation; Describe examples of improvements; Differentiate correct statements with respect to de minimis rules; Identify types of real property eliminated as a result of the TCJA.
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