IRS Practice Series: Hands-on Collections Workshop

Authored by Eva Rosenberg
About this Course
Topics covered include: Taxpayer Compliance; Which Form?; National Standards; Form 433 Series: 433F, 433A, 433B; Gathering Documentation; Timing & Strategy. Upon completing this course, you should be able to: Identify Collection Information forms, use of National Standards and how to support your claims; Recognize how to expand a tax practitioners practice base to include representation; Evaluate the earliest instance when to submit an offer; Identify how a client with limited funds should use the money, when they owe IRS back taxes for 5 years; Recognize which form to use to provide client's financial information and status to the IRS; Differentiate what must be sent to the IRS with the 433 form; Describe when you recommend an Offer in Compromise; Identify the best way to reduce a client's tax debt; Recognize how many levy notices the IRS sends to third parties in the 2017 fiscal year; Illustrate the hurdles to overcome when dealing with collection issues; Recognize where you can find the procedural rules IRS employees must follow to collect taxes; Identify the best strategy when working an offer case; Describe what taxes must be paid for your client to be in compliance; Recognize the options that will not toll or freeze the statute of limitations; Differentiate IRS forms; Identify a request for Currently Non Collectible status the IRS does not look at; Describe which expenses The Housing and Utility Standards covers; Identify the expenses covered by the Transportation Standards.
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CPE Credits
IRS Practice Series: Overview of Collection Issues and IRS Practice Series: 10 Steps to Resolving Collection Issues (or equivalent knowledge).
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