Dealing with Duplicate Data in Excel

Authored by David Ringstrom
About this Course
Topics covered include: Learn the mouse trick that lets you quickly make a copy of an existing worksheet; Create an in-cell list by way of Excel's Data Validation feature; Identify duplicates in a list using Conditional Formatting; See how to quickly duplicate a group of two or more worksheets; Use the COUNTIF function to determine the number of times an item appears on a list; Use Conditional Formatting to color-code your data, identify duplicates, and apply icons; Understand why numeric data may appear in a pivot table more than once and how to correct the problem; Use the SUMIFS function to sum values based on multiple criteria; Use the Reapply command to refresh a list as you correct duplicates; Filter list entries based on colors that you apply manually or with Conditional Formatting; Improve the integrity of spreadsheets with Excel's VLOOKUP function; Use a wildcard character with SUMIF to summarize data based on a partial match. Upon completing this course, you should be able to: Recognize and apply the Data Validation feature to create an in-cell list; Define how to visually identify duplicate records with the Conditional Formatting feature; Identify which function can be used to improve the integrity of spreadsheets; Identify which keyboard shortcuts to use to work more effectively in duplicating data; Recognize which feature enables you to transform numbers stored as text into values; Describe the COUNTIF function; Recognize the Reapply command; Identify the arguments for VLOOKUP function; Recognize how to apply formatting to multiple ranges without repeatedly clicking on Format Painter; Describe where to locate Excel commands within Excel; Differentiate SUMIF's arguments.
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Experience Working with Excel Spreadsheets.
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