IRS Practice Series: Conflicts of Interest

Authored by Eva Rosenberg
About this Course
Topics covered include: Conflict of Interest rules in Circular 230; Karen Hawkins Conflicts; Partners-Business Association Conflicts; Preparer Client Conflicts; Bring an Attorney in-Kovel; Conflict Forms; Disclosures; Other Resources. Upon completing this course, you should be able to: Identify current or potential conflicts of interest, to identify the nature and extent of the conflict and to either extricate yourself from the situation, or learn to protect yourself and all parties involved; Differentiate what Circular 230 says about conflicts of interest; Recognize why the practitioner may represent a client under various conditions notwithstanding the existence of conflict of interest; Identify how many days within discovering the conflict of interest must the waiver be signed; Evaluate potential conflict of interest that must concern a tax professional; Describe jointly and severally liable; Identify conflicts of interest between clients and representing them before the Internal Revenue Service; Describe where the client-related Conflict of Interest is defined; Differentiate when a practitioner should not represent a client before the IRS if the representation involves a conflict of interest; Identify the existence of conflict of interest where the practitioner may represent a client under certain conditions; Identify potential conflicts of interest when they do not require consent forms and disclosures Recognize copies of the written consents that must be retained by the practitioner for at least how many months from the date of the conclusion of the representation of the affected clients; Identify what kind of professional the case about Karen Hawkins' is about; Differentiate the section of Circular 230 which defines conflicts of interest; Describe informed consent; Evaluate client situations where the adjusted gross income, after sources of income has been taken into account.
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Regulatory Ethics
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IRS Practice Series: Circular 230 Considerations and Requirements or equivalent knowledge.
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