Dealing with IRS Collection: Advanced Techniques You Probably Don’t Know but Should

Authored by Eric Green
About this Course
Topics covered include: The "Tax Gap"; Recent changes in IRS enforcement; The IRS Collection process; The Collection Appeals process; Options for resolving the taxpayer's back tax issues; Litigating collection issues in United States Tax Court. Upon completing this course, you should be able to: Identify and apply IRS Collection procedures; Recognize how to utilize the Collection Appeals process; Identify steps to take and opportunities to help clients resolve their IRS tax debt; Describe the options a taxpayer has when receiving final notice from the IRS; Differentiate options for resolving an outstanding debt involving setting up a payment plan; Recognize which taxpayer should consider filing the state tax return first in order to get the State in the first position to receive payments; Describe why IRS collection is the hottest area right now; Identify what private debt collectors do for the IRS; Recognize when the 10-year collection statute begin; Identify which which circumstance enforcement action will continue even after a taxpayer files Form 12153; Describe what action the IRS has to take to place a lien on taxpayer's property; Recognize which installment agreement a taxpayer doesn't have to disclose to the IRS.
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Basic understanding of federal taxation concepts and IRS collections.
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