Auditing Procedures & Practices: Analytical Procedures

Authored by Pat Patterson
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Topics covered in this course include: Objectives of analytical procedures; Definitions of analytical procedures that relate to comparison to other analytics and other relationships; Substantive analytical procedures; Analytical procedures that assist when forming an overall conclusion; Investigating results of analytical procedures; Audit documentation of analytical procedures; Methods may be used to perform analytical procedures; Suitability of particular substantive analytical procedures for given assertions;Reliability of the data; Evaluation of whether the expectation is sufficiently precise; Investigating results of analytical procedures. Upon completing this course you sh0uld be able to: Identify relevant and reliable audit evidence when using substantive analytical procedures; Design and perform analytical procedures near the end of the audit that assist the auditor when forming an overall conclusion about whether the financial statements are consistent with the auditor's understanding of the entity; Differentiate AU-C sections specifically addressing an auditor's use of substantive analytical procedures; Identify the phases in the use of analytical procedures; Differentiate statements with respect to relationships between data; Recognize types of analytical procedure and how they apply in various scenarios; Differentiate statements with respect to the identification and investigation phase of analytical procedures; Identify the effective date of the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct based on the restructuring and codification by AICPA's Professional Ethics Executive Committee.
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General understanding of generally accepted auditing standards.
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