Mastering Excel's Custom Views Feature

Authored by David Ringstrom
About this Course
Topics covered include: Overviewing Excel's Custom Views feature and the types of settings that can be managed in this fashion; Using Custom Views in Excel 2013 and later to instantly resize the application window for a given workbook; Using Excel's Custom Views feature to make a single set of data serve multiple purposes; Turning screen elements such as scroll bars, gridlines, worksheet tabs, and more on or off by way of Custom Views; Using Excel's Custom Views feature to apply different print settings, including orientation and margins, to a single worksheet; Freezing or unfreezing worksheet panes on demand with a custom view; Gaining control of long lists of data by filtering instead of sorting; Setting a print range that includes multiple noncontiguous areas of a worksheet; Making the same edits on multiple worksheets at once by grouping worksheets; Using Custom Views to remember frequently selected cell ranges or cursor positions; Applying different filter settings with just a couple of mouse clicks using the Custom Views feature; Protecting hidden sheets from within a workbook. Upon completing this course, you should be able to: Define how to replace an existing custom view with new settings; Identify how to remove all custom views from a given workbook; Recall how to freeze or unfreeze worksheet panes.
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Computer Software & Applications
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Experience with Excel Spreadsheets.
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