Office 365: Excel's Opportunities and Obstacles

Authored by David Ringstrom
About this Course
Topics covered include: Discovering how Office 365 no longer immediately clears the clipboard when you carry out a simple action, such as typing or inserting rows before pasting data; Deselecting one or more cells from within a selection of cells without having to start over again with the selection process; Learning about the MAXIFS function available in certain versions of Excel 2016; Determine how to restore the missing Folders link on the Recent menu for accessing and pinning frequently used folders; Using the Icons command in Office 365 to add emoji-style icons within spreadsheets; Using Microsoft's free Excel Online service to view and edit spreadsheets that use features from Office 365 that aren't compatible with other versions of Excel; Learning the benefits and risks of sharing workbooks via OneDrive in Office 365; Learning about the MINIFS function available in certain versions of Excel 2016; Determining if you have the subscription-based Office 365 version of Excel or a perpetually licensed version; Embedding 3D models into Office 365 spreadsheets while seeing what's viewable in other versions of Excel; Mapping geographic data with just a couple of mouse clicks; Analyzing your data with artificial intelligence by way of the Insights feature in Office 365. Upon completing this course, you should be able to: Recall where to restore the Track Changes command within the Quick Access Toolbar customization screen; Identify the menu where the Recommended Pivot Tables feature appears in Excel 2013 and later; Identify the closest alternative to the SWITCH worksheet function that is compatible in all versions of Excel.
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