Introduction to Cyber Fraud

Authored by Robert Minniti
About this Course
Topics covered include: The definition of cyber fraud; How criminals commit acts of cyber fraud; How to protect your organization from cyber fraud; Various types of cyber frauds; How criminals commit frauds; Legal and ethical implications involved. Upon completing this course, you should be able to: Recognize what phishing normally includes; Identify the most common source of a data breach; Describe a company's data security process and what should be included; Differentiate the first state to legalize digital currencies; Recognize examples of digital currency; Identify components not part of the COSO Framework for Internal Control; Describe an example of CryptoWall; Recognize what is used to hide malware on a computer from the user; Identify examples of a law protecting personal information; Describe what can be used to anonymously surf the web; Recognize what should be included in internal controls for User IDs and Password; Describe spoofing; Recognize how cryptolocker is designed as a type of malware Identify how spyware is designed for a cell phone; Identify the most commonly used type of malware; Recognize which data breach was done to obtain information to blackmail users of the company.
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