Frequent Frauds Found in Government

Authored by Robert Minniti
About this Course
Topics covered include: The Fraud Triangle; Element of Fraud; Predication of Fraud; Methods for Committing Financial Statement Fraud; Occupational fraud with an emphasis on fraud in governments; Government Risks; Skimming; Lapping; Government Contract Fraud; Government Benefits Fraud; Medicare Frauds; Social Security Frauds; Worker's Compensation Frauds; Unemployment Fraud; Case studies of Fraud; Tax Frauds; Tax Return Identity Theft; Asset Misappropriations; Examples of Employee Payroll Frauds; Data Breaches and How They Occur; CryptoLocker; Ransomware; Phishing; Money Laundering; Corruption and What is Costs; Conflicts of Interest; Bribery Example; Voter Fraud. Upon completing the course, you should be able to: Identify how fraud affects Governments; Recognize various occupational fraud schemes; Identify red flags for fraud; Describe internal controls that can help to prevent and detect fraud in governmental entities; Differentiate parts of the fraud triangle and who controls what; Recognize why governmental organizations may be more susceptible to fraud than other types of organizations; Identify effective ways to prevent fraud from occuring; Describe types of fraud typically involved in identity theft; Identify what phishing, ransomware, and malware all have in common; Differentiate examples of government corruption; Recognize the most common type of occupational fraud; Identify risks of fraud unique to governmental entities; Describe which type of fraud involves misclassification of property; Recognize types of billing fraud; Recognize who student loan fraud is typically perpetrated by; Identify common types of income tax fraud; Describe what tax return fraud typically involves; Recognize who can encourage use-it-or-lose-it budgeting; Describe Pay to Play; Recognize how most fraud is detected.
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