Communication Skills Training for the CPA

Authored by David Osburn
About this Course
Topics covered include: Emphasize the 'communication' process; Explore techniques to improve oral communications, including telephone techniques, and written communications; Importance of the 'human' side of communications including 'empathy,' 'ego,' and 'needs.'; Communications and personality types will be explored; Session will be summarized through a series of 'mini-case' studies. Upon completing this course, you should be able to: Recognize how to become a stronger communicator; Identify the communication process; Differentiate ways to improve oral and written communications; Describe empathy, ego, and needs and personality types as they relate to communications; Identify and apply seminar concepts through case analysis; Differentiate internal/external communication by a CPA; Recognize how a CPA can best communicate openness; Identify what is important when a person is selling themselves; Recognize the 'human issues' with communication and how a manager can best utilize them to their advantage; Describe the best way to deal with an irate client; Recognize space dynamics for making a presentation; Identify roadblocks to the oral communication process; Differentiate support of effective communication.
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