Advanced Excel Pivot Table Techniques

Authored by David Ringstrom
About this Course
Topics covered include: Creating dynamic and interactive graphs with Excel's PivotChart feature; Discovering the Recommended PivotTables feature; Launching macros that clean up pivot tables with a single mouse click; Learning the nuances associated with subtotaling data within a pivot table; Learning how the Table feature can vastly improve the integrity of pivot tables in Excel; Incorporating calculations within or alongside pivot tables; Learning how to expand and collapse pivot table elements, thereby avoiding information overload; Gaining control of unruly pivot table data by creating a macro that can automatically transform all count fields into sums and apply number formatting in one fell swoop; Mitigating the side effects of converting a table back to a normal range of cells; Compiling unwieldy data into the format required for pivot table analysis quickly and easily; Staving off frustration by filling blank cells within any columns that contain numbers with zeros before you create pivot tables. Upon completing this course, you should be able to: Apply the Custom Lists feature to override the default sort order within pivot tables; Describe how to create pivot tables from information you extract from databases; Identify pivot table data in new ways by grouping based on dates or custom arrangements that you define; Recognize how to import date from a Microsoft Access table Identify how to disable custom list sorting; Describe how to slice multiple tables; Differentiate the steps to resolve duplicate value problems; Recognize how to create a Macro icon and how it is used; Identify which Excel version is used to summarize Microsoft Access data; Describe hoe to set up automatic pivot table refresh in Excel; Recognize how to automate pivot table refresh in Excel; Identify likely reasons you have pivot table duplicate values; Utilize a pivot table number format macro.
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Computer Software & Applications
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Intermediate-Level Experience with Excel Pivot Tables.
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