Complying with Garnishment Orders

Authored by Miles Hutchinson
About this Course
Topics covered include: What do do with a garnishment order; Fair Labor Standards Act; Consumer Protection Act; Garnishment Limitations; How to compute Garnishment Limits; Best Practices for handling Garnishments; Escheat Law; Handling Unclaimed Wages; Best Practices or Handling Unclaimed Wages. Upon completing this course, you should be able to: Recognize and apply the rules established for employers to comply with garnishment orders; Discover the employee protections from termination and when the employer may discharge an employee for having too many garnishments; Ensure that your records and practices will stand the scrutiny of an audit; Identify how to avoid the onerous penalties for noncompliance and build the best defense against them; Recognize state wage garnishments; dentify types of garnishment order and if they are governed by state or federal law; Differentiate types of garnishments use take home pay as a base for computation of limits; Describe debts discharged by a Chapter 7-Liquidation instead of a Chapter 13-Reorganization; Recognize best practices with respect to garnishments; Differentiate correct statements with respect to escheat laws; Describe specific rules around the Consumer Credit Protection Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act; Describe the process of reversion of land held under feudal tenure to the manor in the absence of legal heirs or claimants.
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