Payroll at Year-End in QuickBooks Desktop

Authored by Laura Madeira
About this Course
Topics covered include: Access to the Client's QuickBooks Data; -On-Site Which Payroll Subscription?; -Copy of File Added to Your QuickBooks Accountant Enhanced Payroll Subscription; -Confirm Payroll Subscription is Active and Current; -Enter After-the-Fact Payroll Records; -Optional: Setup Client for Manual Payroll (no Subscription, Automation or Form Fill) Review Payroll for Accuracy; -Efficient Method to Review Uncleared Pay Checks; -Verify that Payroll Items have Correct Rates and Tax Tracking Type Assigned; -Compare Current Payroll Totals to Previously Filed Quarters; -Confirm Payroll Liabilities are Scheduled and Paid; -How to Properly Adjust Payroll Liabilities; -How to Correct Payroll Liability Payment Errors; Review the Client's Financials Prior to Filing; -Review Payroll Item List; -Financial Reports to Review for Payroll Accuracy; -Helpful Excel Payroll Pivot Tables for Payroll Data; Year-end Payroll Process; -Prepare Bonus Net-to-Gross Checks; -Sign Up for E-Pay and E-File; -Adjust Reported Totals on Payroll Forms; -Print or E-File Payroll Forms for Federal and State. Upon completing this course, you should be able to: Recognize the proper payroll subscription needed for you and your client to collaborate on payroll; Identify considerations when reviewing the payroll setup for accuracy in your client's file; List the reports that are useful when reviewing payroll financials; Identify the process for completing year-end payroll tasks; Identify a characteristic or functionality of Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Basic; Differentiate the types of Intuit QuickBooks payroll subscription software can process up to 50 client EIN's; Identify a process for reviewing payroll accuracy; Recognize correct statements with respect to reviewing financials; Identify a specific year-end payroll process; Describe which QuickBooks solution to recommend to your client; Differentiate additional functionalities of the QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced solution over the QuickBooks Payroll Basic solution; Recognize how many EIN's Intuit Enhanced Payroll for Accountants can process; Identify the first requirement of QuickBooks Desktop when correcting payroll liability payment errors; Describe which tool should be run before preparing payroll reporting forms; Recognize what you should compare balance sheet accounts to when reviewing financial reports; Identify when you should compare wage totals and tax totals.
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NASBA Field of Study
Computer Software & Applications
CPE Credits
Must be familiar with QuickBooks.
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