Cash Flow Analysis: Personal, Business, and Real Estate

Authored by David Osburn
About this Course
Topics covered include: Business & Personal Cash Flow Analysis including Direct Applications to Business Scenarios; EBITDA, FCC, FCF, Cash Basis Cash Flow, and UCA Cash Flow Analyses; Personal Cash Flow Analysis; Global Cash Flow: Combining the Business and Personal Cash Flows; Commercial Real Estate Cash Flow Analysis including 'What-If' Situations. Upon completing this course, you should be able to: Differentiate between Personal, Business and Real Estate Cash Flow Analysis; Identify cash flow techniques; Recognize users of cash flow analysis seeks to ascertain the company's ability to pay its debt; Calculate combined DCR and characteristics lenders like to see Identify, describe, and calculate the Z-score formula; Identify the correct formula for calculating the fixed charge coverage ratio; Differentiate correct statements regarding free cash flow; Describe various cash flow methods; Identify cash flow available for distribution to investors after the company has made all the necessary investments in fixed assets and working capital; Recognize the 'king' in today's economy.
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