Dealership Fraud

Authored by Lewis Fisher
About this Course
Topics covered include: The four points of the fraud diamond; Characteristics of those who commit fraud; Impact of fraud on the automotive industry; Unique challenges faced by retail dealers; Departmental risks and tools to mitigate these risks; ACFE Report to the Nation; Cost of Fraud. Upon completing this course, you should be able to: Recognize internal control structure to repel potential fraud; Design and implement systems to mitigate opportunities for those seeking to commit fraud; Identify tools to practitioners to assist clients in improving internal controls; Differentiate why retail dealerships are targets for fraud; Identify the most frequent source for the initial detection of occupational frauds; Recognize costs of fraud; Identify fraud schemes with respect to dealership sales; Identify purchase schemes; Recognize examples of payroll fraud; Differentiate characteristics of cash spiff fraud; Recognize statistics according to the ACFE Report to the Nation; Identify the dollar cost of fraud worldwide per year; Recognize components to the fraud diamond; Differentiate false discounts and unrecorded sale examples; Identify a solution to parts department fraud; Recognize how to classify specific types of dealership frauds.
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