Foreign Earned Income: Form 2555 Exclusion Reporting and Other Tax Issues for Expat Workers

Authored by Marc Strohl
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Topics covered include: Understanding the foreign earned income exclusion; Complying with requirements for housing cost exclusions; Planning with foreign tax credits; Making sense of complex tax treaties; Comprehending Social Security totalization agreements. Describe income tax reporting and planning issues relating to Americans working abroad, from both the employee's and employer's perspectives; Recognize how to guide clients in complying with requirements for housing cost exclusions; Identify how to perform tax planning with foreign tax credits; Recognize how to handle Social Security totalization agreements Identify the foreign earned income exclusion amount for 2017 Differentiate statements with respect to foreign earned income exclusion; Describe what is considered a workday based upon purposes of determining U.S. versus foreign earned income; Differentiate statements with respect to the bona fide residence test; Recognize the which forms relate to information returns of a U.S. transferor of property to a foreign corporation; Identify proper information relating to foreign earned income Assess local taxation based upon most countries worldwide; Recognize a way an expat can avoid double taxation; Describe characteristics of FEIE Identify physical presence test required taxpayers to maintain how many full days of presence abroad in a foreign country out of a 12-month period; Recognize which of the following housing related tax considerations is used when the individual assignee is self-employed.
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Basic understanding of federal income taxation concepts.
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