Tax Planning for Small Businesses

Authored by Margaret F. Suralik, CPA/ABV, ASA
About this Course
Learning Objectives
  • Identify important tax considerations for the small business at each stage of its life
  • Differentiate entity type options available for small businesses
  • Choose a tax-saving retirement plan that best suits a small business
  • Select an appropriate strategy for compliance with the Affordable Care Act employer provisions
  • Select the appropriate taxes to withhold when hiring family members
  • Compare IRS concerns regarding reasonable compensation for an S corporation owner versus a C corporation owner
  • Differentiate the various ways in which LLC owners may be subject to self-employment taxes
  • Analyze educational assistance provided to employees to determine whether it qualifies as a working condition fringe benefit
  • Identify the characteristics that establish economic substance for a loan transaction between a business and its owner
  • Choose the correct tax treatment for a covenant not to compete that is entered into in connection with the acquisition of a business interest
  • Apply tax knowledge to help create an efficient and effective estate plan for a client
  • Analyze a client’s need for a buy-sell agreement
  • Determine the tax consequences of divorce-related transfers of business interests
Key Topics
  • Starting a Business
  • Retirement Plans
  • Affordable Care Act
  • Owner Compensation
  • Transactions with Owners
  • Recent Developments – PATH Act of 2015
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