Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates

Authored by Steven G. Siegel
About this Course
This his program offers an exploration of fiduciary income taxation including, the related compliance and planning issues and concerns. Steve Siegel, an outstanding speaker and presenter, will provide real-world explanations and helpful tips on this important topic, so you can advise your clients with confidence. Topics covered include: Increasing Incidence of Form 1041 Audits; Basic concepts and issues; How estates and trusts are taxed; Tax Years; Return filing requirements Estimated payments; Simple, complex grantor and qualified revocable trusts; Trust accounting income, distributable net income, taxable income; New IRS definitions of trust income; Income reportable by fiduciaries and deductions available to fiduciaries; Controversy over the 2% floor on miscellaneous itemized deductions; Tax calculations, credits and payments; Distributions and distributions in the year of termination; Alternative Minimum Tax on trusts and estates.
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