International Tax Issues in the Service Industries

Authored by Robert Misey
About this Course
After completing this course, you should be able to: Recognize how to structure your service operations in a tax-efficient manner; Identify international tax compliance and reporting unique to service providers; Differentiate how to reduce your taxes while staying bullet-proof on audit; Identify scenarios where a US corporation would not be required to pay U.S. tax on service income earned in a foreign country; Recognize when a foreign individual has service income from a U.S. source not subject to U.S. tax withholding; Describe examples of permanent establishments; Differentiate circumstances when a a U.S. individual can defer reporting subpart F income; Recognize attributes of IC_DISC planning Identify services which would typically be eligible for the service cost method; Describe service income attributes; Recognize what must be included on Form 8233; Identify who the Foreign tax credit applies to; Differentiate between U.S. source and foreign source income; Identify considered withholding agents Recognize the substantial presence test and how it applies to foreign individuals.
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Basic knowledge of U.S. international income taxation.
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