Form 990: Functional Expense Reporting and Grantmaking

Authored by Jane Searing
About this Course
After completing this course, you should be able to: Recognize how to classify expense categories for tax-exempt organizations; Define program, management, and fundraising categories properly; Identify and properly categorize domestic and foreign grants; Differentiate how or why an organization may choose to allocate expenses; Recognize why the IRS looks for outliers and internal inconsistencies within Form 990 to determine if an organization is conforming to regulations; Identify how rental expenses can be reported on Form 990; Recognize when an organization would be required to report grant information on Schedule I; Describe ways an organization that has grantmaking activities in a foreign region maintain and substantiate the amount of grants; Identify when other expenses require a disclosure on Schedule O; Recognize the type of compensation normally paid to a disqualified person; Describe what occupancy expenses include; Differentiate which organization are required to functionalize expenses on Form 990 Part IX; Identify which expense should be categorized as a primary purposes to induce donors to give money; Recognize when an organization would not be required to complete Form 990, Schedule F; Differentiate when grants are classified as domestic or foreign; Identify when an organization helps functionalize expenses; Recognize when Schedule I is triggered by information.
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