Sales and Use Taxes: Manufacturers (Second Edition)

Authored by John C. Healy, MST, CPA
About this Course
This course discusses state sales and use tax exemptions or reductions for manufacturing machinery and equipment and the requirements for eligibility. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: Identify available exemptions for manufacturing equipment and the requirements for eligibility; Apply the treatment of materials and labor used in the production process and in making repairs; Determine the tax implications of making inventory withdrawals and constructing machinery and equipment for use in manufacturing; Identify purchases that may qualify for a research and development exemption; Explain the complex dual role of printers and when they qualify as manufacturers; Explain the implications of various repair and maintenance transactions; Develop a strategy to capture tax-exempt utilities used in manufacturing in states that extend the manufacturing exemption to utilities; Recognize the importance of the integrated plant doctrine and how it impacts manufacturers; Apply the proper treatment to containers and other shipping materials
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Sales and Use Tax: Nexus
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