Tax Research II

Authored by Robert L. Gardner, Ph.D., Dave N. Stewart, CPA, Ph.D. & Ronald G. Warsham, Jr. CPA, Ph.D.
About this Course
Tax questions arise when a unique set of facts is examined in light of general rules of tax law. Learning to identify and phrase the critical tax questions implicit in any set of facts is no small accomplishment. In many instances, the most important questions are by no means obvious. The more experienced the tax adviser, the easier it is to identify and ask the right questions. For the beginner, asking the right question is often the most difficult part of tax research. This CPE course will help you structure your searches and formulate the questions to make your research more effective.
Learning Objectives
  • Assess the appropriate authority for tax problems.
  • Analyze the evidence you gather regarding your client’s tax situation.
  • Interpret the facts from other cases in order to reach a conclusion about your client’s case.
  • Distinguish specific ways to communicate your findings to your client.
  • Discuss the research methodology that is appropriate to tax planning.
Key Topics
  • The elusive nature of tax questions
  • Assessing and applying authority
  • External communications
  • Research methodology for tax planning
  • Comprehensive examples
Who will it benefit?
CPAs, particularly new tax staff
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