Maximizing Your Value to Clients by Improving Your Tax Return Review Process

Authored by Edward Mendlowitz, CPA
About this Course
Reviews are an essential part of completing tax returns, yet very little time is spent training the reviewer in this critical process. This course discusses how to perform more effective tax return reviews in less time. It demonstrates how to develop and use reviewer-specific checklists and a reviewer qualification test, follow-up schedules, and an additional services checklist. The course emphasizes methods to reduce review time and improve quality, including self-review techniques and a tax comparison worksheet. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: Identify what the tax return reviewer is really supposed to do; Explain easy takeaways for preparers to do a higher quality job; Describe how to empower reviewers to train preparers; Implement an effective method to hold preparers responsible for the quality of what they do; Understand how reviewers should be trained to review returns
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NASBA Field of Study
CPE Credits
Basic knowledge of federal income taxation and tax return preparation
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