Sales and Use Taxes: Compliance Issues (Third Edition)

Authored by John C. Healy, MST, CPA
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This course explains the issues involved with sales and use filings, payments, credits, and refunds, as well as the consequences of late filing. It also discusses the significance of letter rulings and other issues related to sales and use tax compliance. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: Name the requirements to register to collect and remit sales taxes Describe the filing requirements for different types of entities Recall the states’ requirements for display of the tax collected on the invoice Explain the use of direct pay permits List the advantages of online filing and payment Explain how the statute of limitation operates Describe how to handle claims for refund and bad debt credits Review the assessment and abatement of penalties and interest Explain the ”personal responsibility statutes and their impact on individuals Explain the use and importance of letter rulings Describe the Streamlined Sales Tax and its impact List the advantages and disadvantages of managed audits
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