Compilation, Review, and Preparation: Compilation (Second Edition)

Authored by James L. Ulvog, CPA
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The focus of this course is to describe the components of SSARS that apply to a compilation engagement. A prerequisite course Compilation, Review, and Preparation: Introduction describes the portions of SSARS that apply to compilation engagements as well as reviews and preparation of financial statements. Upon completion of this course, the user should be able to: Define unconditional requirement and presumptively mandatory requirement; Describe the different professional obligations when the SSARS literature identifies an item using unconditional requirement language, presumptively mandatory language, or the phrase should consider; Identify the effective date of SSARS 21; Define the objective of a compilation engagement; Explain that the independence requirements for a compilation engagement and the impact on the accountant’s report from any impairment; Explain the requirement for a signed engagement letter or other written contract; Identify the required understandings with management if a written understanding is reached with those charged with governance; Describe the required procedures in a compilation engagement; Describe the accountant’s responsibility when becoming aware of incomplete or incorrect information in the financial statements; List the elements of the accountant’s compilation report; Describe changes to the accountant’s compilation report for financial statements prepared using a special purpose framework, omission of substantially all disclosures, known departures from financial reporting framework, supplemental information; Describe the items for compilation engagements which were addressed in SSARS 19 but were not carried over into SSARS 21; List the required documentation for a compilation engagement
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Compilation, Review, and Preparation: Introduction (Second Edition)
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