Sales and Use Taxes: Conducting the Sales and Use Tax Audit (Second Edition)

Authored by John C. Healy, MST, CPA
About this Course

A sales and use tax audit can go more smoothly if the taxpayer understands how to maintain an effective relationship with the auditor and how certain issues should be handled. This course helps taxpayers understand the audit process and procedures and gives advice on how to increase the chances of a favorable audit outcome. Topics covered include: meetings with the auditor; reasons for the audit; what is involved in transactional reviews; mechanics of and advantages and disadvantages of sampling; and overall audit strategies

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Create and maintain an effective relationship with the auditor
  • Determine what should and should not be provided to the auditor
  • Outline the most common reasons for audit adjustments
  • Describe how to handle claims for refund
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