Sales and Use Taxes: Post-Audit Strategies (Second Edition)

Authored by John C. Healy, MST, CPA
About this Course

In the final phase of the audit, taxpayers have decisions to make regarding payment and appeal. Taxpayers who continuously assess the strength of their positions throughout the audit will be better prepared to make these decisions. This course discusses the actions that should be taken in the final phases and subsequent to an audit. It also looks at audit trends.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • List the different types of penalties that may be assessed;
  • Explain common reasons for the imposition of penalties;
  • Describe the reasons for meeting with the auditor’s supervisor;
  • List the different penalty defenses that may be used;
  • Explain what should be considered when determining whether to file an appeal;
  • Describe the current trends in sales and use tax audits.
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