Audit Documentation

Authored by Joanne Flood, CPA-MBA
About this Course
Auditing standards relating to audit documentation have gotten stricter. Auditors are now required to document specific items that they were not required to document in the past. And, as always, there is an emphasis on completing audit documentation in a timely fashion. This course offers an overview of the latest audit documentation guidance and discusses many common practice issues faced by those in the field.
Learning Objectives
  • Identify guidance relevant to audit documentation
  • Explain the purpose of audit documentation
  • Apply the fundamental principles of audit documentation
  • Analyze common practice issues
Key Topics
  • Required audit documentation
  • Documentation skills
  • Requirements regarding the timing and level of audit documentation
Who will it benefit?
New Staff covers key areas to ensure auditors are well prepared to begin their careers. The Audit Staff Essentials Level I courses establish a strong set of core skills necessary for junior staff growth.
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QAS Self-Study
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